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6 months post tx of Riba/incivek/interferon

Aug 19, 2012 - 5 comments

Well I have completed treatments and have a great bill of health!! I'm 6 months after completing treatments and my viral count is -0- the MD said the sweetest words I could have ever heard...."You are cured" I feel like screaming!! She told me I never ever have to come back, I'm done! Stick a fork in me I'M done!!  For the ones going through a rough time either just finding out what is ahead of you....or the ones that have begun treatment and having a hard time... Just know there is light at the end of the tunnel!! It was worth every sick moment, it brought me closer to GOD and let me know I have a strength on the inside that I didn't know was there.  You will make it and the fear of the unknown is what scared me the most of all.  After you see what your up against you will be able to push through it. Im not going to sugar coat was heard some days, I didnt feel good many days, but I made it, you can make it! Keep your heads up and the victory at the end is worth the fight!! May GOD Bless you all!!

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766573 tn?1365166466
by Idyllic, Aug 19, 2012
"Stick a fork in me I'm Dons!!"  <- That is so cute. You had me laughing.

Hey Congratulations for attaining SVR!! I saw you treated with Incivek so I am sure you worked through many a rocky day yet you stuck with it. You slayed the beast and for that you have a lot to be proud of.  This is more inspiring than I can say. Thanks for posting this and Good health to you for ever and ever♫

1986676 tn?1329862471
by Revalation, Aug 19, 2012
Thanks for sharing the wonderful news.
Another angel has got wings

All the "rocky" days paid off.
May your future be bright!!


317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Aug 19, 2012
Thank you so much for sharing.  You are an inspiration to others
I am very happy for you

1815939 tn?1377991799
by pooh55811, Aug 19, 2012
Thank you so much for sharing the great news. I am very happy for you. Now you can enjoy your new Hep C free life.

1856046 tn?1330237245
by BigDaddy_59, Aug 19, 2012
Yippee for you and thanks for your words of inspiration!!!

Who's next? !!!

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