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HELP! Water retention??

Aug 20, 2012 - 1 comments

Hi beautiful ladies!

My weight has been off the wall the last few weeks. One week it looked like I gained 8 pounds then the next week it went down and I only gained one...

Now I weighed again and it looks like 5 pounds since last frustrated! My feet/ankles are horribly swollen as well. However, my hands, fingers, and face are ok.  So weird.

Anyone gone through this? Any info you have would be awesome!

Love you guys!

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by plumber43, Aug 20, 2012
   I feel your pain, I have kankles too! my feet look like fred flinstone. My OB says it's from the heat and the 3rd trimester. We have to put our feet up above our hearts because of all the extra blood we have and the heat. It's normal as long as your blood pressure is normal!
Love Melanie

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