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There is hope!

Mar 02, 2008 - 2 comments




After months of trying to forget about TTC and to feel normal again, we decided to try again (cycle #2).  On CD3 I found out I had only 3 follicles in each side and a very high FSH of 27.9!  My doctor was very pessimistic about trying again so I looked at trying another RE to help.  Turns out my insurance company wouldn't help us at all if we went to another RE b/c of policies... blah blah, blah, so we decided to stick it out with the same reputable guy with little confidence in me.  This time I started acupuncture 2X/ week and took fertility blend in addition to the prenantals.

Turns out I have 10 follies on the left and 10 more on the right!  Amazing!  So, the moral is; get a good acupuncturist!  My RE was amazed!  Now there is great hope!

I just finished my testosterone patches and Estrace.  Today I started stims (Menupur and Follostim).  I am hopeful again!

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by babyalive, Mar 02, 2008
Hi SDteacher,

I had one cd 10 FSH of 25 and was completely devastated.  I've since had a cd 3 FSH of 15.  Still worrisome.  My RE tends to think it is worth trying for.  The highest FSH he has had successfully get pg and give birth, is 22. I've had 4 IUI's so far with just Clomid.  This cycle I'm taking 175ml of Follistim.  I'm just on cd 5 so it's early.   But, for you, what trumps the high FSH are age and # of follicles produced.  You have both of those on your side.  As long as you are under 40, and are producing multiple follies, GOOD FOR YOU!   I really hope and pray this will be successful for you!   I just wanted to share my story since we are both fighting the dreaded elevated FSH.

Oh, BYT accu. has been proven to lower FSH!

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by SDteacher, Mar 03, 2008
Yes... I believe it was the accupuncture that increased the number of follicles.  I went from 3 to 10 on each side in one month!  I wish you the best as well.  Thank you for sharing your story with me.  It's nice to know someone dealing with the same problem.

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