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Where do I get my immunization record???

Jan 12, 2009 - 11 comments

I am posting this question in my journal to see if I can get a response, because I don't know what forum would be right for this question....

I am currently enrolling in a graduate class to further my requires me to get a copy of my immunization records...I DON'T HAVE THEM!  I don't know who would!  I called my college that I graduated in 88 and they said that back then it wasn't required...My pediatrician has passed away years ago...I haven't gone to my primary doctor in years....(still gotta try him if he didn't delete me)...WHO WOULD HAVE THEM?  and WHAT DO I DO IF I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE?? Do I have to get ALL the shots again????

Anyone here to help me?  PLEASE!!!!

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by alikat1205, Jan 12, 2009
The most important one is the measles.  I had this problem when I went to law school, ten years after finishing college.  I had a blood test titer for the measles done, which showed I had immunity, and they accepted that as proof of immunization.  

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by AndiJ78, Jan 12, 2009
Did your pediatrician move his patients to another doctor's practice when he passed on or retired? I would start with the pediatrician's in that area and see what information they could offer. You may also try the Department of Health, see if they would have an idea of how to track down the information.

My pedi died when I was 6, but his practice is still open and the records have been archived. Hopefully the same holds true for yours.

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by suzi-q, Jan 12, 2009
Thank you both!  I will look into all of it!

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by AndiJ78, Jan 12, 2009
Good point, titers are often considered proof of immunization. If all else fails, you should be able to have those done and submit the documentation.

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by scaredmom330, Jan 12, 2009
call your high school or elementary school...they should have them on record....

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by zodiacqueen, Jan 12, 2009
UGGHHH.  I know just what a pain in the booty this is!!!  =[  I am in the radiography program and they wanted my immunization records w/ Hep. B optional.  I couldn't find any of mine and had to get ALL of the vaccines again.  I was not a thrilled camper in the least.

I hope you will have more luck than I did!  :D

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by suzi-q, Jan 12, 2009
Just an update...spoke with the teacher who will be teaching the course. (she is an elementary school teacher as well as I)  She said not to worry about the immunization records..(this course is given through the school district) In order to become a teacher I needed immunization records when I started (back in 1989) teaching.  So I am not going to stress it now...but I will keep inquiring about where to find them!

PS:  Called my old pediatrician's office (who is now deceased)...they don't have old college doesn't have it, my primary doctor doesn't have it....IT'S LIKE I HAVE NEVER BEEN BORN!!!

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by babyprayers, Jan 12, 2009
call your state health department

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by peekawho, Jan 12, 2009
I believe I've always just sort of put what I thought, whenever I'm asked.  I write down what I think...they never ask for proof.  I wouldn't be able to get any, anyway.  I mean, what adult my age has proof of their immunizations?  My pediatrician is probably dead and buried.

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by suzi-q, Jan 12, 2009
babyprayers- I heard that you could call the health dept...would they really have that?  I went online and saw that you can see what immunizations you need, but not a link to click on to ask for records...probably need to call...THANKS

Peek- you are too funny!!!!  You "write down what you think?"  Oh, that is REAL reliable!!!  A nurse who has no clue what shots she has!!!  LOL!!!!  Well, if you went through the school system you must at least have your MMR!  (Do they even give that anymore?  You should know, you work with babies!)

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by moore4leah, Aug 14, 2009
Or maybe you could just make a sample immunization record for the class.

sample of child record (printable)

sample of vaccine record for adult (printable)

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