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Jan 11, 2009 - 0 comments






I dreamt that i was helping my mother in law and sister in law make breakfast or something to do with eggs. they were hard boiled and the all of a sudden one of then hatched into a baby chick. they tried to kill it by grinding it into the garbage disposal and i tried to ignore them. but i cant so i grab the baby chick and take it outside and let it go. it had no feathers and was yellow.

i dont remember if this was a part of the same dream or if it was different all together. there was a medium size tank for these yellow fish. pretty big and almost all of them were dead. but there was a huge tank for fish and sharks and stuff and there was one looking right at me. it was blue or black with red on its face and it looked more like a whale then a shark. it literally flew out of the tank into the sky coming towards me. and then i think i woke up

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