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Finally my doc appointment

Jan 13, 2009 - 0 comments

I went to the doctor today for a check of my hormones.  He said that he wanted to check my levels at 6 months past miscarriage.  I went today and I showed him my ovulation chart.  He really doesn't like medhelp's version but I don't know why.  Anyway, he is going to actually do all the test next month.  He said it was to close to me starting so there is really no reason to do the test now....not knowing what the outcome would be since he did not do it after ovulation.  So I am to start doing more ovulation kits on CD 16+  He told me to call as soon as I got a positive test.  He would test me on day 6 and 8 after ovulation to check my progesterone.   He said if my progesterone is low he would put me on clomid.  And we would go from there.  If it was normal and not low he would figure out what else could be wrong.  He is also testing my thyroid gland too during the blood work.

He also seems to think that I had two miscarriages back in May and July.  I was talking about what the miscarriage was looking like b/c he said he needed to know to estimate how far I was.  So he expected me to be 8-12 weeks when I m/c.  I told him I had two in May and one in June then found out on June 30 I was pregnant.  He thinks that I was preggers with twins and miscarried one then the next month miscarried again in July.  SO....I still don't know what's going on but I feel kind of content.

Anyway...I am just ready to know something and go from there.

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