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Jan 14, 2009 - 3 comments

I'm supposed to test tomorrow. I'm just so nervous what the results will be.
I'm nervous I'll see one line, and I'm nervous I'll see two. My temp has been rather high for me lately.
I did not take my temp on the day I ovulated so I don't know what my normal temp would have been, this morning it was 98.1, I took it again a little while after being awake and it was 99.5. I'm just on edge right now, I want this to happen so bad, and to feel it being sooo close and then it not being there at all is a reality I'm trying to deal with.
Any advice please give it. I'm going crazy here. :(

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558483 tn?1321387443
by LadyTiger, Jan 14, 2009
Hey girl i have my fingers crossed for you!!  I to take my Clomid this month and im having really sore breast plus some other things going on Im supposed to test on January 22.......take a test and let me hear what you find out please...and good luck to you ...................Heather

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by Wits777, Jan 15, 2009
Thanks a whole buch for the positive words, my test was negative yet again.
If I don't start in a few days I will test again, but my breast are sore and that always happens before I start.
I will talk to my doctors about trying an IUI and see what they say.

Good Luck to you and baby dust your way.

May it be YOUR month if not mine!

558483 tn?1321387443
by LadyTiger, Jan 15, 2009
Wits777.....same here if i get a BFN this time i to have decided to talk to my fertility doctor about the is alot cheaper than the IVF....I have done alot of research on the cost and how they do both.....I hope that you still get your positive im supposed to test next Thursday but im not getting my hopes up to much i hate being to you later have a great weekend..

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