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Mar 03, 2008 - 8 comments

u thought u knew me
u thought u had won
but look at me now oxy
ur days r done
i used to love to get high
snort u,sit back and let life fly by
nothing ever mattered as long as i had u by my side
but look at me now oxy
my eyes r pretty and clear
not like they used to be
full of doubt and tears
u used to scream "take me take me"
but i knew if i kept using u
my kids one day ,wouldn't wake me
ha ha oxy i won
u piece of ****
ur days r done

i cant write poems at all i was just sitting here thinking and this just kinda popped in my head...dont laugh u guys i know it sounds like a 4 yr old wrote it but it was me  lol

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by gizzy32, Mar 03, 2008
you never give yourself enough credit. that was a very good poem. i never knew that side of you, haha. keep em coming. you know i love to bug you foxy, lmao a four year old, some of the things you say sometimes make me freaking laugh. i really did like that poem.

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by oxygirl487, Mar 03, 2008
thanks gizmo..u always make me laugh to..u know i love ya.....

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by GoingToMakeIt, Mar 03, 2008
Your a poet and didn't know it!

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by Tiffany55, Mar 03, 2008
LOVE the poem...definitely hits home,well most of it. Good job :)

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by bmc1976, Mar 03, 2008
That was awesome! I say everyone on here needs to write their own poem! That could be pretty interesting. Great job on the poem!

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by KadoInCO, Mar 13, 2008
Pills, thrillz, on a daily i deal
With the stress and the pain
Of my addiction inflicten
Withdraws, doubt, low self estem,
Gotta pull myself out, still stuck in this position
I have 2 get past it, gotta finish my mission
Until then i continue my daily activities
Maintaining my life, i wish someone would listen please
Its a hard road ahead, i wish i could take it all back
But i cant, so i gotta learn from the things that i lack
i never write rhymz so excuse the sloppy track lol

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by Frisco88, May 14, 2008

I love your poem. It communicates and that's what it's all about. I commend you for your courage to quit. I hope it stays good for you.

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by addicted32, Apr 15, 2010
Awesome poem its so true

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