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Day #2 Fully Off Tramadol Part 1

Jan 14, 2009 - 0 comments

It wasn't the best night, but it wasn't the worst either.  I'm still having miserable temperature issues at night.  It seems like the second I get in bed and try to get comfortable, I'm either too hot or too cold.  I keep thinking that surely it has to end soon, but that part doesn't seem to be getting that much better.  However, even 3 or 4 nights ago on my tramadol taper I was having extreme coldness issues. The kind of cold where no matter how many blankets you throw on the bed, you are still shivering.  The only thing that helped it at the time was getting into a hot bath.  Then it would help for a bit, but that's probably why I spent a few nights in and out of the bath tub.  

By bedtime last night I wasn't even tired and felt like if I didn't have kids to get up in the morning for school, I probably would have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning with my new found energy.  I am thankful for how great I was feeling, BUT I know that too many more nights like these and I'll be sleep deprived I'm sure.  

I awoke about 2 hours after I finally went to sleep in extreme pain!  It wasn't all over my body, just in my neck and one of my arms, but it was from sleeping in a strange position I'm sure.  I got up and took some Advil and drank a ton of water and seemed to feel better after that.  I'm positive that hydration plays a HUGE part in this recovery.  I find myself drinking tons and tons of liquids and can't figure out where it's all going.  I don't seem to be having to use the bathroom much more, but who knows.  

So, my main issues this morning are some mild anxiety as I'm trying to get my youngest out the door for school and some mild discomfort in my legs.  My pain has been so small compared to how it used to be before I went off of the tram.  I can hardly believe that part still. I find myself having fear that I could start feeling the pain like I used to and then not knowing what my game plan will be.  I have to continue to develop healthy habits in order to cope during times like that.  I'm still doing the sneezing thing, but that too seems to be getting less and less.  I try to picture the residule tramadol leaving my body every time I sneeze.  It helps to make it not so annoying..ha-ha!

I also read a few other people on here who had sugar cravings and I can see how that can become a real problem if it continues.  For someone like me who is already over weight, it will be an on going battle.  I was already trying to lose weight before I decided to go off the tram, so I MUST continue to make wise choices.  Now that my stomach doesn't feel so sick, I am thinking of junk food once again.  So my goal for  today is to finally get back to the store and get some healthy foods in my house.  I know I have to battle one beast at a time, but even if I do some what of a battle as far as the food goes, it's better to me than letting all of my progress before the tram war go to hell.  MUST STAY POSITIVE...:)

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