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Jan 14, 2009 - 12 comments

You're right.. Spring cleaning by "blatch.".. Serves you right... LOL  

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by Sandymac, Jan 14, 2009

    Yeah , I saved it.. Timing is really everything..Did you save yours? It was there and poof, it was gone, but I have it..

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by fungirl1011, Jan 14, 2009
What a nasty comment Sunes.  

I don't even want to think about Spring cleaning yet lol.  Maybe it would help keep us warm here though.  We are expecting temperatures to be -8 in teh morning with wind chills around -25 to -35.  YIKES!!!

356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Jan 14, 2009
Fungirl ... It's actually going to be 27 Saturday down here .. or so I've been told !! But, you know , if it gets that cold, I'd love for it to snow! No hope I don't think. Although back in 77 it did snow in Miami !! Well, a few little flurries, but it did snow !

But minus 8.... Cannot even imagine !! You're not planning on going out are you???
Try to stay warm !!

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by TrudieC, Jan 14, 2009
Sandy, I ♥hate♥ you!  :)  I am also suffering in the same weather as Fungirl.  I want to be in Florida with you!!!!  I am tired of shoveling snow and freezing and sliding around on the roads.  I want to be on a beach relaxing with a laptop, my MedHelp, and a Margarita!  Spring cleaning is done and time to party!

356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Jan 14, 2009
But, but..... 27 is COLD !!!!!! Have you really done Spring cleaning?? You can come down anytime you want... Oh Trudie, remember the "Mountie" that we've known forever.. He still has our license plates from the Bahamas.. he's holding them hostage until we drive to Canada to reclaim them . He's on Prince Edward Island now.. talk about cold !!

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by lvfrogs, Jan 15, 2009
Come on down everyone. We will have one Giant Margarita party. It might get "cold" here this weekend, like Sandy says, but it will warm right back up. We can always sit in front of the fireplace in our shorts :)

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by SimplyStar, Jan 15, 2009
Well girls after 3 weeks in AZ  to come home to Iowa and way below zero  is not in any way putting me in the mood for any spring cleaning.  I am lucky to get out from my bed.  White is definitly not my favorite color any more.  Hot chocolate  is my favorite tummy warmer.

356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Jan 15, 2009
I just cannot fathom weather that cold !! I mean, once it hits really low temperatures, does it really feel different in the minus column? I hate to tell you , but our heaters go on down here when it gets to 60-65.. I'm so freezing in the 30s, that I can't even compute what minus X must feel like...

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by TrudieC, Jan 15, 2009
When you are outside your lungs hurt from the cold air and any exposed skin feels like it is being rubbed with sandpaper.  Frostbite occurs in a matter of minutes.  Cars can have trouble starting unless you plug them in.  It makes a big difference.

356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Jan 15, 2009
Sounds awful I'm afraid ! Hope it's only for a short spell... We have another "spell" coming in on the heels of the one that's here. The next one is the one that will bring temps down in the 20's we've heard.Now, the TV people never seem to admit to weather that cold down here. That's been going on for years... they'll say it's 42 or something and we're looking at our thermometer reading 28! .. All about the tourists.. And, they're scarce this year due to the economy..

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by PinkTissue, Jan 16, 2009
Geee....that is cold. And I am sweating now at sunny Singapore.

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by cirella, Jan 16, 2009
Thanks for rubbing it in, Pink.  I guess, like the saying "it's 5 o'clock somewhere", it IS warm somewhere.  

No school again today.  Let's have some hot chocolate.

Thought I should at least comment on this journal since it is in my name.  = )

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