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Didnt Take Long

Jan 15, 2009 - 0 comments

Well I would have thought that the bad days would be a little further away! But in the late afternoon today I started to feel really "dumpy". When I went to see the doc for my thyroid results the other day, and she said that everything was "normal", I felt like she ripped my heart out!! Normally I would have been beside myself with happiness, but because I am having all of these strange symptoms I am more confused than anything.

I have anxiety attacks and OCD so I know I am probably just over reacting ...but I cant help but feel helpless. I also know that this the opposite of the positive thinking person in the last journal entry, but I feel what I feel. My doc suggested that I might be depressed. I told her no I'm not .....because I have nothing to be depressed about.

I am questioning everything I think, and everything I do right now. I just want this to stop.

I am tired , utterly exhausted. My body aches, irritable, impatient, anxious and I am having panic attacks throughout the day now. I had gone for about a year without one ... and then when I started having them again a couple of months ago it was a couple of times a week. Now its about 5 or 6 times a day. I am so frustrated. I feel like my thyroid cant be to blame as DR said everything is good.

Well if its not that .... what is it???

I am slowly learning more and more about Hashimoto's Disease, and I am sort of wondering if my GP is not informed enough to deal with this. Do I need a specialist? I have heard about people seeing endocrinologist's on here, maybe this is what I need.
GRRRRR.... I just want to feel happy and full of life like I do when I feel good!

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