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so excited

Jan 15, 2009 - 0 comments

yesterday,  endo called finally after tests results were in on monday, decided to tell me to take one 10 mg tapazole 2 times a day, informed nurse that i already was, and it was pretty bad when i can determine my dosage, before i can get a phone call returnedi found an ex son in law that hasn't pbaid child support in over a year, has gone from a hero as a marine, to a criminal on probation for using another person's checking account, and there were 3 more pending warrants for arrest. this morning i got up dragged myself to the courtroom, 2nd row and low and behold, here he comes chains and all!!!! well, my daughter didn't believe he was there because he has been bouncing from CA, AZ, NV, ND, and NC. so silly me, not caring about court rules anymore, seeing as I no longer work in that feild, go in with a cellphone and proceed to take a video, and pictures of him standing before the judge for his first appearance. Now, the judge,goes on with my ex son in law's stuff, then after he finishes, asks the baliff to take my phone, then tells me that if i show him how to delete the photo i can have my phone back, i say ok and step in front of the bar and begin to show him. then the judge calls me to the bench....ohohhhh. he pats my arm and states he's not upset with me but that they have a  rule about cellphones. then he askes why i took the photo's. i explain that this bozo has not paid child support since feb. of 08, and that the one payment my daughter received was from his girlfriends check and it bounced, my daughter had to pay it off to the bank, and this is court ordered. the court has made no effort to look for him, while he has been bouncing from place to place hiding, nor enforce this order, and after all we have done to find him, my daughter being in the service, really didn't believe he was arrested, so i was going to send her a photo. judge says, ok, i walk out, with photo's still on cellphone. if they can have a camera crew video taping a high profile case, what the hell's the difference? bad thing is i used to work in that same courtroom, everyday, and i know the rules. funny how, when you've gotten so irritated with the judicial system, you break the rules. i mean why not? it's not like the criminals are following the rules, the judges, cops,lawyers, district attorney's do not follow the rules, why should i? i have personal seen cases discussed, and sentence determined in the back office of the courtroom. i know cause i was there, so why not take pictures? why not plaster there faces on my cellphone. they do it in the media. i know if they didn't have rules there would be thousands of cellphone cameras, clicking away, but seriously. how come oj had camera's in court, but not some low life con man peace of ****????????????????????????????????? guess my levels are still out of whack.

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