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Heart Palpitations

Jan 15, 2009 - 2 comments


Hi 20 years old and I'm new to this site, and I want to try and get some help.
Since April I've had anxiety but I've been pretty good recently with it and i can control it now. And i've always had heart palpitations once a month or so, but recently i've been having them quite frequently, about 20 a day or so, and I've spoken to my doctor before, and she said not to worry because i had anxiety. However when i;m having my palpitations i'm under no stress or anxiety. I do not take any medication, i'm not overweight, i dont have caffeine. I dont know if anyone has any suggestions, but anything will help :)

thanks so much

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by Angel31, Jan 22, 2009
I had the same thing and I'm 28 yrs. old (heart palpitations, SVT, once a month...around 214 to 240 bph) - it usually happens when I'm very calm. I have been diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson White syndrome (an extra fiber in my heart that triggers these). My doctor said that hormones will affect this...that is many times why it will happen about every 28 days for women. Since then I have become pregnant and my heart palpitations have increased. Due to the increased flow of blood I have been unable to kick out of these on my own and have had to go to the hospital for them to administer Adenosine. Usually during pregnancy these increase to even a couple times a week, but I've managed to avoid many episodes by avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and MSG (that would always kick me into it). I also take a calcium supplement from the health food store. Most medicines prescribed for heart palpitation are calcium channel blockers...they take the calcium from the rest of your body and send it to your heart. This has many side effects thus the reason I avoid this (especially now that I'm pregnant). Also, stay hydrated! I drink about 10 cups of water a day. Another thing, and this is not doctor recommended, I do take Mannatech's Ambrotose complex, it helps with your body's cell to cell communication. It is expensive, but since taking it I have seen even more of a decrease in the palpitations. Your body produces and natural form of Adenosine which is what helps your heart stay at a normal rate. That's why you avoid caffeine, it will stick to your cells not allowing the natural form of Adenosine to stick and thus causing heart palpitations. With the Ambrotose helping your cell to cell communication this will assist all the natural chemicals in your body and help them function at their best. Look for heart healthy foods...Pomegranate juice is great and a great replacement for that evening glass of does make a big difference in how your body fights things. One last thing is make sure you receive plenty of rest - your heart will work harder when you're tired and it's easier to go into SVT.

Wishing you the very best!

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by sweetheartsara, Apr 29, 2011
Hi, Angel I was wondering how did your pregancie go? was it hard? did the labor go ok? did your pvc go away after? Is the baby ok? Im sorry but I have pvc and Im also pregnant.Please get back to me.

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