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After 3 years!! BFP!

Aug 26, 2012 - 23 comments

Ok ladies, so I woke up this morning (CD 30- I usually start on CD 31) and I felt really dizzy and nauseus (sp?) so I went and laid back down to see if it would go away. Well, it didn't so I ended up not going to church. So, I fell back asleep and woke up about 10:30am and I felt better but still not 100%. So, I ended up eating something and felt a even better. The only other symptom I have is breast tenderness. Also, this was an unmedicated cycle because we have an appointment to see the specialist on Sept 14th!! So, anyway, I told DH I was going to go get a test about an hour ago and I did. I came home expecting to see one line and low and behold after just a minute and a half I saw the second line!!!! Ladies, PLEASE help me pray that this baby sticks and is healthy!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! I just know he wants this for us!!

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1118302 tn?1422495161
by yoha919, Aug 26, 2012
yayy congrats mama!

1530342 tn?1405016490
by MrsPincince, Aug 26, 2012
AWWWWW Congrats!!!

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Aug 26, 2012
:)) Thanks ladies!! It's been a long wait and I sure hope everything is going on good in there!! Going in the morning for blood work!

1310570 tn?1404719992
by zara2010, Aug 26, 2012
Awh congrats huni.. Praying for a sticky healthy pregnancy xx

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Aug 26, 2012
Thank you!!

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Aug 26, 2012
Congrats, I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

1180215 tn?1356134733
by robin85, Aug 26, 2012
yay congrats.praying your little bean sticks :D

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Aug 26, 2012
Thanks y'all!!!

1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Aug 26, 2012
yay!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy for you :) :) :)

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Aug 26, 2012
Thank you Retta!! I sure hope my beta is strong tomorrow!! Which, the test in the picture was with afternoon urine so that seems pretty strong to be afternoon urine to me. So, we will see!!

1348789 tn?1338422327
by earthangle, Aug 26, 2012
congrats hun

1636472 tn?1439182988
by beddajess, Aug 26, 2012
Yay! Super congrats on your miracle BFP! Praying for you! :)

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by Nichole120605, Aug 26, 2012

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Aug 26, 2012
Thanks!! I'll keep y'all posted!!

1519983 tn?1401046428
by cabayer11, Aug 26, 2012
Congratulations. Praying for a healthy happy 9 months!! God is Good!

1846471 tn?1373007558
by CarrieannB, Aug 26, 2012
Ohhh congratulations!!!  Keeping everything crossed for a happy, healthy and sticky 8 months ahead for you!!

967320 tn?1333199708
by JennaRie, Aug 26, 2012
YAY!! Congratulations!! I am SO happy for you!

1544968 tn?1548521929
by leillani, Aug 26, 2012

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Aug 26, 2012
What a purdy sight!! Congrats!!!!

1027304 tn?1333973406
by Alexis2358, Aug 27, 2012
What a beautiful sight, its hard to explain in words how wonderful that moment is when you see those 2 little lines....UNFORGETABLE :).

My best wishes to you on a happy healthy 9 months.

1527830 tn?1329408566
by ttcbaby3, Aug 27, 2012

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Aug 27, 2012
Ladies, please keep us in your prayers. My beta was only 28.7 this morning which could mean I'm just really early or it could mean that something's not right. I'm getting a progesterone injection today to hopefully progress things and will do another beta wed morning to hopefully see a doubling number!!!! This is so nerve racking!!!

2180285 tn?1377866731
by beautifulmum, Aug 28, 2012
congrats it looks positive to me i too just got my bpf due approx april 28th that is awesome we can be buddies and go through it together you can do it

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