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Urology appt today

Aug 28, 2012 - 0 comments

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my abdominal myomectomy and later this morning I have a follow up with urology to see if my suprapubic catheter can be removed.  The cath was a surprise, they didn't know going in that the ~12 cm fibroid was actually growing into my bladder.  To get it out they had to cut into the bladder, so the cath is in place until it heals enough.

Recovery from surgery has been all around tougher than I thought, but the cath has been my least favorite part.  It has caused a lot of pain, a urinary candidal infection, and infection of the surrounding skin (cellulitis).  The skin is so raw, it feels like a scrape with salt rubbed into it.  Each tiny step I take or subtle shift in position can bring sharp pain to the point I cry, despite that I'm still on narcotic painkillers.  In comparison, my abdominal incision is healing well and hurts little.

The infections required two trips to the ER.  Of course these things always pick ~11 PM to flare up.  The only times I've left my house since surgery are to see dr's or ER.  This is because of the pain and because every time I take more than a few stops I get blood in my urine because that cath irritates inside my bladder.

Before it can be removed They need to do a test (not sure what it entails).  While I'm eager to be done with it, I'm so scared of the pain to get it out.  It is my understanding that it must be tugged out.  That would scare me regardless, but throw in the super irritated skin at the site and I'm REALLY scared of the pain.

While I was under for surgerythey placed a drain in me to help the incision heal.  It was super gross, but functioned well for the few days it was in to draw out fluids.  Anyone, it also had to be removed by a stiff tug by a doctor.  I was on even more painkillers then and it still hurt so much, I screamed.  I guess I have a low threshold for this kind of pain.

I'll try to keep the light at the end of the tunnel in mind, as well as the fact that even if painful, the removal should be over with quickly.  It helps to write about my anxiety to try and get it out of my system...

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