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my bladder is giving me troubles, as well as so many other things.... I'm HATING this......

Aug 29, 2012 - 2 comments

I have a question about this, and I think maybe it is the time to ask now.  I'm so glad to have this forum to talk about things.

I too am having trouble.  I have the urgency, and have had little accidents.  Then we have the sit and wait all day for it to come, for only one drop, then you stand up, and it runs down your leg.

Then, we have the sit and wait, and then it comes, and you think you are done, but know you are not, then it is waiting again for the rest.  Then when you think you are done, and finally can stand up, it doesn\t feel like you emptied.  

Is that what you guys are feeling?  I have been feeling it for awhile, and I am so not wanting to have this, as you all don't want it either.  

(((HUGS))) to you all,

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by candy158, Aug 29, 2012
my body has all these weird electrial currents going on, and it feels really not nice....

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by cubbiesfan918, Jun 14, 2013
Hey Candy -

I have a bladder issue as well. My Neuro considered it the 1st of 3 things that qualified me for diagnosis. My problem is that I feel when my bladder is full but sometimes I have to "push" to begin. And if I don't push enough times, I have to go again very quickly. The Urologist saw me when I was pregnant and said I sounded like I had "hurried women" syndrome and I probably had always went like that and didn't know it. I felt like appointment with her was a big disappointment and another reason I had false hope during pregnancy that I didn't have MS. She said lots of women have to push and they didn't have MS. Blah.

I also have sporadic numbness, tingles and electrical currents in my left leg. I've noticed it occurring on hectic days, so I am truly trying to alleviate stress in my life. As if that is completely possible, working full time with a 3 month old.  But I try!

That is my little story and hope you are doing well in your journey...........


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