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Sep 01, 2012 - 0 comments

i think after yesterday's make myself vomit episode, i have gone overboard today - exercising and trying so hard to eat not that much.
I mean not anorexic like, but I definitely feel like I deprived myself of food. This is not good. In fact i didnt eat any nuts and I love nuts. Now my stomach is growling, but really i should be sleep.
the one good thing i did do, is drink lots of fluids especially since i sweated so much.
i think what happened is that i was so thirsty and drank all those liquids that i didnt have any room in my stomach left for food. so by the time i was really feeling more hungry, it was already too late to eat. it really *****. i did eat a few strawberries tonight. trying to lose weight is so hard. i hate i let myself get like this in the first place, so now i have to practically deprive myself.
i gonna buy some salad greens tomorrow so i can have my filler food. that helps me get through.

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