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Gaining Weight and Some Hope

Jan 18, 2009 - 1 comments

gaining weight









I am not supposed to weigh myself yet but I couldn't wait... I just knew I had to have gained and I did! I am up to 106 the absolute highest EVER... I am definitely bloated and I think the weight is all going to my belly because I look slightly pregnant - but I know that can even out soon... I can see my cheek bones are softening out a bit.

I am on a very strong IV antibiotic now so I am having all of that... bad nausea, tired etc. but I have been doing Yoga and Pilates at home and it's relaxing me a lot. I know this is cheating but my doctor put me a new antidepressant to help and we'll see if it does.

I only have 9 more pounds to reach my goal! I am pushing calories day and night - thanks to my gastric feeding tube... and hoping for the best!

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by sallisims, Jan 18, 2009
I sincerly hope you continue to thrive and regain your health....I am thinking about you..x

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