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Sep 04, 2012 - 0 comments

I'm tired and my body is way tired. The posterior chamber of my left knee is giving me all kinds of fits. I have a dark spot with ulceration that hurts in the roof of my mouth that probably needs to be biopsied, removed or drained if it is an abscess before I develop osteomyelitis if that already isnt a problem.
In addition, I cant stop being so cold.Maybe I am running fever and dont realize it?
Bible Study was good tonight. The childrens arks with rainbow have turned out beautifully.
I have been sticking with my diet and not overeating so I have not had to induce vomiting anymore. In fact I feel good about keeping my daily calorie intake somewhere below 1000 calories. That ensures that I should lose at least 1 lb every 2 days. And yes I do weigh daily.
I have something funny going on lately. My urine smells like caramel. i'm gonna look that up, because the last time I studied this, that meant diabetes, but I am eating a carb controlled diet, so i do not understand how that might be happening.
I also having GI issues. so gassy. I think its from the pinto beans, topped off with oatmeal later.
My stomach is just upset, and my intestines are cramping. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that those beans might be over a week old. they still looked, and smelled good. they tasted good too.
They dont feel so good though going through the digestive process.
Woo Wee.
Too much flatulence.

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