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Test this morning.

Sep 06, 2012 - 3 comments

Hey girls. So, I took a test Tuesday morning and then I took one this morning (48 hours later) and it looks the same darkness or maybe even lighter.. :/ I'm so scared b/c this is about when my levels started decreasing last time when we miscarried... AHHH! I wish I could pass the time faster...

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by JennaRie, Sep 07, 2012
I know it's nerve wracking...but at this point I think it's not possible to tell your levels based on darkness. As long as it's still as dark as/darker than the control line, I think you're good. If it were lighter than the control line like your first few tests, then I'd say that yes it's a bad sign, but it doesn't sound like that's the case. I know it's impossible not to worry though until that first ultrasound and seeing that tiny heartbeat :) I hope time flies between now and then!!

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by Alexis2358, Sep 07, 2012
I just had my 2nd u/s and the heart had stopped at 8.5 weeks.   this is my 4th...yep 4th m/c.   I can tell you that the biggest thing for me to "know" was that my symptoms changed.   I still had occasional icky tummy, but the intensity was getting less and less at a time when it should be getting more and more.   I think in my head "I knew" though, so trust your gut instinct.   If you think your baby is doing well, then it probably is :), so don't worry.

Once you have enough beta HCG in your body to show a good positive test....that HCG will not change for quite awhile, so it wouldn't or "shouldn't" be getting lighter yet.   Even if baby is not progressing, your HCG numbers will stay level until your body understands that the baby is not developing.   Even if you start bleeding your HCG numbers will still remain high for awhile.   Long story short.....don't stress out about your tests at this point, they will not prove or disprove anything anymore.    You just have to wait for an ultrasound at this point, OR have your beta numbers checked again to see if they are still doubling.   It only takes an HCG of 25 to make a pregnancy test show positive....after my last m/c...after ALL the bleeding 1 week later my HCG was STILL at 14,000, so even though I knew the baby had passed, I STILL had a very dark line on my pregnancy test.

I've got my fingers crossed for you that it all goes well and you see a beautiful little peanut bouncing around on your first ultrasound.    

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by want2getprego, Sep 08, 2012
Thanks yall!! My test this morning was a lot darker! I posted a pic. Everything seems to be going good. I have faith in God!!

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