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Sep 06, 2012 - 0 comments






I am moving house for the second time in my life and let me say it isn't going well, i feel anxious and worried and frantic about were my things are going. This is the second time i have felt like this, the first account being about two years ago when i packed away all my stuff to move (the house took two years to sell). I felt the same things then even worse then because my room for twelve years no longer looked like it had for so long, i was not happy. I am not diagnosing myself at any lengths but i am worrying about a few things i am doing. for two years now i have had a compulsion to biting the papillae of my tongue, painful but stragely impulsive and i hate it. Spraying myself with a spray, antibacterial and smelling my hands after handling things. I just want to know if all of these things could tie in together.

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