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My medhelp isn't working properly....

Sep 07, 2012 - 7 comments

Ok so I can't make a new status, I can't post on conversations or ask question.  I don't know where to ask questions, I guess been writin more journals.  
So if anyone is listening/reading this please confim or deny the following.

So my psychiatrist threatened that he would call the police and have them take me to the psych ward.  I don't think he can force me into the hospital?  I heard him talking my to family Dr and i heard him say rhat if i admit to having a plan to him then he can hospitalize, howeever he told her if i dont admit it he cant do anything. I refuse to go to the hospital at all.

Thanks to anyone who knows and shares the answer!  And it's in Canada.

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by margypops, Sep 07, 2012
Hi sad momma ...go to the Improve suggestions forum and tell them you are having trouble putting up a new status I expect its a glitch, let them know as I am in the US I do not know the answer to your question ,I am sorry

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by witheredrose, Sep 07, 2012

I live in the U.S as well, and I know that here, if there Is good reason for it, you can actually be court ordered to a hospital . You dont have to go to an actual court room or anything, usually the psychiatrist can have the court order done, and if he manages, then the cops can come and get you and you would have no choice as long as a court order is in place. It happened to me, but only I was already at the hospital when the court order was requested, because my parents tried removing me from the hospital against doctors advice, so they went and got the court order and it made to where even my parents had no say over whether I stayed or not.

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by ImDONENoMore, Sep 07, 2012
Actually, sadmomma, I'm concerned that he wants you to go the psych ward in the first place.  Is he feeling uncertain that you might hurt yourself and that's why he wants you to get this help?  Are you sure he isn't trying to save your life here?  Please honey, if you're threatening to hurt yourself, your Dr., and your loved ones, can not look the other way.  I'm sure they love you and want you to be safe more than anything else.

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by sadmomma4, Sep 07, 2012
Thanks Margypops I am going to try that.
And withered rose I can appreciate what your saying.  I was at the hospital when the psychiatrist tricked me, he got me to agree to stay (to try it, but because I was volunteering I was free to leave whenever I wanted to, then after I signed the paperwork, he certified me (making it so I couldn't leave).  So when he (new psychiatrist) threatened to call the police on me, to take me to the hospital I wasn't sure he could do that if I wasn't already at the hospital.  Like seriously he would send police to my house to what arrest me and take me to the hospital?  Anyhow I just told him that everything is fine so he won't do that but now I don't want to go back to his office ever again.  And I don't know if when I go to any of my Dr's if I can trust that they aren't going to ambush me!  
And finally ImDONENOMore, I do understand that they are trying to make sure I live through this.  But why bother, if I'm going to try again, then being in the hospital or the back of a police car is not going to stop it from happening.  I also really don't understand why (if they want me in so bad) they did t just keep me when they had me in there all hooked up to all there crap?!?!?!  Don't let me go and then try to talk me into going back.  I was a little worried about what kind of power the psychiatrist has, compared to my psychologist and my family dr, I know they would need to convince me to go but not sure if has the power to carry out his threats.  I admit that I have a plan for the future, but it's not today, nor is tomorrow.  I would not do it while my kids are here, do sending police to my house to arrest me and take me to the hospital is far more traumatic for them then hearing something after the fact

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by ImDONENoMore, Sep 07, 2012
Oh honey, I promise you, something happening to you is going to affect them FAR more than seeing you taken to a hospital to get the help you need.  Please honey, reach out to someone close to you and find that support okay?  Your life isn't something to take so lightly, I know that may be hard for you to see right now, but I promise you it isn't.  Please - is there someone near you or a friend you can go see to help you talk this out?

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by sadmomma4, Sep 08, 2012
I apologize for saying anything on here!  I really thought that I was in the boundaries, just thought with a little bit more of the correct information would help anyone answering the question to have a little background - current ground.  It is so u fortunate that someone with my issues has absolutely nowhere to get some help, go to group saying anything get kicked out... Say things on here and get threatened to be kick out.  I just keepi g getting kicked:(

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by Bkitty, Sep 08, 2012
Im sorry I am not quite sure what you are asking here. I understand that you are having some issues right now and Im so sorry about all that. I suffer from major depression and I have been to see psychiatrists,,etc..Is there something that you are discussing with him that is making him feel like you are in danger? What have you been doing on your part to correct this issue(s). Are you following your treatment plan and taking the medications (if prescribed any). We all play a part in our recovery-a huge part. I hope things get better for you and I dont know why you are under the impression that you are getting kicked off of here. ~Bkitty

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