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Anticardiolipin Antibody IgG - help please

Sep 07, 2012 - 7 comments

Hi guys,  I'm not really ready to come back to Medhelp yet but I had some tests results come back and was wondering if any of you had some knowledge about it.  I had a whole range of tests done after my 18 week miscarriage but nothing came back of any significance.  I then started seeing a naturopath and she wanted to test me for a whole bunch of stuff and because I wasn't really sure what I have and haven't been tested for she tested ffor everything again.  Anyway almost all the tests came back normal but one thing didn't, which is my Anticardiolipin Antibodies IgG which came back moderate positive.  I am not due to go back and see her for a couple of weeks to discuss the results but in the meantime I have been googling about it.  I was wondering if any of you have been positive for Anticardiolipin Antibodies and what you know about it??

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by pb95, Sep 07, 2012
Sherri is the one to ask as she gave me tons of advice on that.  I'm not sure how you measure in NZ, but here the normal range is under 12.5.  I had a 13.5 test in February, just before my 2nd miscarriage (but didn't get the results until after it occurred).  I was told you aren't considered a positive until you have a second above normal test at least 6 weeks apart.  My second test came back normal but the dumb secretary said there was no number, just that it was normal.  After the first test I was told to go on low dose asprin and after the second test it was still said to do that as it is a low risk thing.  There are other medications for more serious situations.  If Sherri doesn't see this, make sure to ask her as she will know more.  Have thought of you lots over the last while and hope you are doing well.  Love and hugs.

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by dscoqn, Sep 07, 2012
Hi luv, thanks for responding.  This is the reference range for it over here:

Normal: less than 20 GPL
Low Positive: 20 to less than 30 GPL
Moderate: 30 to less than 80 GPL
High Positive: Equal to or greater than 80 GPL

Mine came back at 60 GPL which is moderate positive.

I was told by the doctor after I miscarried Ruby, that I will be on baby asprin next pregnancy as well as a cervical stitch and progesterone the whole pregnancy.  They told me this before I was even tested for the Anti Cardiolipin because they weren't sure why I went into pre-term labour and wanted to cover all the bases next time.  I guess now with this result from the test they may be more sure now that this is the reason.  I had a massive blood clot come out after Ruby was delivered and before the placenta came out.  It was huge and they said it wasn't normal.  They think this big blood clot may have detached my placenta.  They took a sample of the blood clot to send to the lab but then it got lost and never made it to the lab.  Anyways I will get re tested in 6 weeks time and see what it comes back as.  I was told by my recurrent loss clinic that they tested me for it in the past and it came back normal.  I did read that it can come and go though.  I guess I just have to wait till I see my naturopath and see what she says.

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by Sherri90049, Sep 08, 2012
I am so relieved to hear that something was found, sweetie! That is a SIGNIFICANT finding! (even though "moderate positive" doesn't sound that bad!) What you have is called Antiphospholipid Syndrome or APS. There is additional treatment you need besides baby aspirin, and that is either Lovenox or Heparin. These are injectable blood thinners. When ttc'ing I always take them. Risa is currently taking them, as is Kris71. They are started on CD6 and taken through the entire pregnancy.

When I feel better, I will forward you some more links but here is one with some encouraging results about the effectiveness of the Heparin/Lovenox treatment with APS:

I know it's still so soon after losing beautiful Ruby. But I hope you feel more hopeful after learning this news. I always knew that there must be something going on causing your TTC difficulty. I just didn't know what it was. You WILL be successful once you are on the right treatment! Just be pushy and don't take no for an answer as far as the blood thinners. This is important! They will try to tell you that you don't need them, that your results aren't that bad (esp if your next one comes back normal). I promise you that you DO need them and they will make a big difference. There is also NO reason for them to NOT let you take this medication!

Talk to you more soon! Sending huge hugs!!! xx

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by pb95, Sep 08, 2012
Sherri - I am only baby asprin at this point as my last test was negative.  If I got pregnant and tested for the Anti Cardiolipin right away would it be too late if I tested positive to start something more?  I am very interested in what your naturopath will say dscoqn.  I never got any answers after the first miscarriage but they think this could have been the reason.  Is there reason for the positive to come and go?  

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by dscoqn, Sep 08, 2012
Thank so much for this info Sherri.  Yes I read about Heparin and was wondering if I would need that as well as the baby asprin.  When I become pregnant again (fingers crossed) I will be under the high risk clinic and will definately demand that I be on Heparin as well.  I have been thinking about when I might have my next embryo transfer - I am starting a new job on Monday and want to be in it for a few months first so I will be entitled to maternity leave if I do fall pregnant.  You need to be in a job at least 6 months to be entitled.  Also over here all new jobs are on a 3 month trial period and they can dismiss you for no reason, so if they found out I was pregnant in that first 3 months they might try and get rid of me.  I think I will wait till the end of Nov or Dec.
pb95 - I will let you know what the naturopath says and will ask her why it comes and goes.

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by Sherri90049, Sep 09, 2012
Patti, I don't think it would be too late. But that is only me speculating. If your losses aren't occurring at like 4 weeks pregnant or anything, I would think it would be fine. I always conceive and then it lose it four days later, so I want to be on everything nice and early. If either of you were being followed by an RI (reproductive immunologist), I have a feeling they would still start you at CD6 to be safe. (but that is pretty early, as Lovenox does work pretty fast to thin the blood)

FYI, Dr. Braverman in New York always gives a free initial email consultation. If you let him know your situation and your abnormal lab results (including normal ranges) he will give you his opinion. He is arguably the top RI in the world. It's very expensive if you hire him to follow you. And now an in-person visit is required before he will treat you. (N.Y. law) But here is the link to his site: See under "Request a Consultation". It might be worth just asking what he thinks since it's free.

And as I always say, make sure your thyroid labs are good: TSH as close as possible to 1.0 (def under 1.5); Free T3 and Free T4 both in the upper half of the normal range. Low T3 is especially not good. That's what I have been having for years. Going to speak to my naturopath tomorrow and see about doing one grain of NatureThroid and low dose hydrocortisone for my weak adrenals. If I don't O within a month or two, then it's on to DE. :) Big hugs to both of you!!!!

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by pb95, Sep 11, 2012
dscoqn - Congrats on the new job!  I hope it has been a good few days for you!

Sherri - My losses were 18 weeks and 6 weeks(I spotted right away and then it stopped).  I'll definitely get a repeat done asap if I become pregnant again.  I appreciate your advice as I think even your speculating is very educated so it makes me feel at ease!

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