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Breathing, Walking issues and Stress

Sep 07, 2012 - 1 comments

asthma attack




Breathing issues DD


walking issues


driving stress

Today my husband and I had 2 doctor appointments to go to which were about 30 miles apart.   It turned out that our 1st destination was incorrect for the medical test planned.  We only learned this after parking the car and a long walk into the facility and going to the 2nd floor. After workers there made over 10 phone calls, the appointment for a test was about 2 miles away at another building. My husband  and I walked back to our car and drove to 2nd facility with oral directions and help from phone gps only toget there 15 min late and have testing postponed to week later.  We then proceeded to 3rd facility 20 miles away. We had to search for parking spot the 3rd time and walk a good distance into the facility while having an asthma attack. We had to walk the good distance back to the car stopping at two seating areas before getting back to the car and then about 8 miles home. I drove in traffic the whole day and took a nap to ward away that built up stress when we finally got home.

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by spongebob35, Sep 08, 2012
sorry to hear that you and your husband had a hard time yesterday. i know asthma attack are not no fun. that the way i feel i cant hardly walk long distance. i know you said you and your husband done alot of walking in the hospital. did they make you rescedule your appiontment because you were late 15 minutes, and make u go back next week. i feel the same way when it comes to stressful situations. i worry alot and keep alot on my mind always. and that how i relief my stress is by laying down and trying to calm back down. sometimes it help and sometimes it dont. it according to what bothering me. i just want you to no im sorry you was stress out yesterday. if i can help or you need someone to talk to just look me up on this web site.

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