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depressed and nervous

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i went to visit my granny because i havent seen here in awhile because she sick and cant walk hardly at all. talk to her and her daughter went out riding with them because granny had a spell with her nerve and it help her to ride around. i was so tired and i hadnt done much,and after i ate it wasnt long i couldnt keep my eyes open and my joints ache all over. my left arm been burning and tingling for awhile, and i alway enjoyed going out with her but i dont have the energy no more like i did and that driving me crazy. and i usually lay down when i feel like this but i couldnt. that the 1st day i stay away without taking a nap during the day. i was really tired when i got home that when i layed down my legs hurt me so bad and my joints and then i started to feel very irritated bad and i wanted to get back up and run to the hills and holler. my nerves where so bad i thought when i close my eyes i could feel my body floating above me, and it felt like i had to put it bad in my own body. i thought  i was going to go crazy.after several hours i finally went to sleep but i rolled the bed back and forth and was having nightmare and that what woke me up i hadnt been asleep that long because i went to bed about 10:23pm and woke up at 2:10am. i was really  nervous and couldnt breath in the house even though the air was on. i check my blood pressure and it was high. i walk the floor for several hours. then i said im going to get on my laptop and play a game or something to help my mind. the doctor said i had PTSD and Schizophrenia. i no i stay in fear alot , but i had bad things to happen to me when i was younger and it still on my mind everyday of my life. i wish i didnt worry so much and felt better.

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