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hitial hernia and uclers

Sep 08, 2012 - 1 comments








i have a hitial hernia and bleeding uclers and i no since i had the scope test done that my hernia got bigger. everytime i eat it not long after my stomach start hurting and swelling and bloating up like im 9 months pregrant. it very distressful. i need help in finding me a doctor that can help me with this. i smother alot and have to prop up on 2 to 3 pillows to keep the acid down. does anybody what i can do or what doctor i can see around here.

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by Starbrightone, Sep 08, 2012
Hi there.... I too have a hiatus hernia and since I have been on my weight reduction programme I have found that I don't need to take my medication as often.  I used to have to take 40mg of omeprazole every day but now I find that since I have lost 28lbs I only need to take it about twice a week.

I also have found that bread, cakes, pasta and things like that cause it to flare up and since I have cut these out of my diet I have think this is also helping with the excess acid in my stomach and prevents it rising up into my throat.

At night I always lie on my left side and propped up on two pillows as the opening to the stomach is usually on the right.  

Hope you find a doctor who is more willing to help you.

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