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Hope I build my guts up soon...

Sep 08, 2012 - 4 comments












Well I finally got my cycle on my own with no medication since I was given birth control to regulate me and I stopped taking it 2 months ago.I was shocked and excited.Maybe it's a sign that it's going to get better and easiler for me to concieve!! (fingers crossed) but I am hurting like so bad.Cramps are horrible.Well as others know,Im suppose to start treatment to get pregnant in Oct and Im so nevous after miscarrying the first time (heart was soo hurt).Im so scared and it' really been on my mind alot lately but at least I got a cycle by myself(yaaaaaaay) but how can I assure myself things are getting better??How can I not worry about miscarring??How can I be should Im go make it through this?? Im so scared but Lord knows Im praying for better days!! Any advice or anything from anyone PLEASE!!

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1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Sep 09, 2012
I have had a few miscarriages too and still no baby but that dont mean its not possible lots of weoman go on to have happy healthy pregnancies after a miscarriage . just alone that you were able to cycle on your own is great ! Good Luck to you I think your chances on having a sucessful pregnancy is great :)

1783159 tn?1450767156
by kimmielou137, Sep 09, 2012
Im praying I finally get my love one added to the family!! And thanks 4 the encouagement!! Passing much baby dust your way!!

1834120 tn?1422945867
by tiadreams, Sep 12, 2012
Kimmie, The most important thing is to focus on the bigger picture. I have a hard time doing this and I will fret over every small detail. The thing is that none of the details seem small to us, but in the end it is still the big picture that matters, and the big picture is you, your family, and the fact that your family will grow to the size you desire if you believe and stay positive and visualize that baby in your arms. Don't let those negative thoughts dominate your mind, just stay strong and know that you can have what you want. Have you tried doing any breathing exercises? They are good for stress level, relaxation, and anxiety. God has a time for all of us. I'm excited about your Oct beginning. Keep us posted. Chin up girl, you can do it!

1783159 tn?1450767156
by kimmielou137, Sep 18, 2012
Sorry I'm late for writing you back. I just keep finding out bad news and thats making it worster for me and my boyfriend.Im so scared now.I will try the breatheing exercises and I hope and pray they will work.Im sooo scared and I don't know what to do next,Im listening to so much and its so hard.

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