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people talking to much

Sep 09, 2012 - 1 comments





To much



today start out good. 1 of my sister was staying with me because she didnt have nowhere to go, and her little dog name Chewy (Yorkshire).we talked the night before we went to sleep for along time. i really enjoyed her company because i havent seen her in long time and talk to her as much. we talked about everything. from the time we were abuse mentally and sexally as children. to her sepration from her husband and step kids she raised for 8 years. we went to bed after 2 in the morning. and she said if you get up early wake me up because i want to go to church they were having a homecoming. she really enjoys this church. i told i would. so i woke her up about 9:00am and she left to get ready for church and i told her i would watch her little dog. well she went to church. in the meantime my other sister comes up. i didnt think nothing was wrong and my boyfriend brother told her something that wasnt supposed to be said, and she told me she need to talk to me so i ask what wrong and she telling me all kind of things she wasnt suppose to know. i no who was here when this was told and i no who told her. well to make the long story short. i couldnt believe my boyfriend for almost 6 years would have told his brother all this stuff. i was so mad that i started hurting in my left arm and chest and my blood pressure was so high that i had to take extra blood pressure pill to try to calm down but it didnt help. i ask him about it and he denied saying anything,but later on told me he was worry about my sister that why he said something. well the point is it was putting me in the middle of both of my sisters and i love them both and wouldnt hurt them for nothing in the world. i said to my self it is true 1 sister going to church trying to live right and the devil was in my house today. after she came back from church. she could see i was upset and ask me what was wrong and i just started to cry, but i told her a little bit about what day i had. i even read the bible in Mattew about brother being against brother and sister against sister, and father and mother being against their own children, and children being against their own parents. but i really had a hard day today, and didnt sleep good when i lay down for the night.

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by Multipin, Sep 14, 2012
Spongbob35. I am so sorry about you having to be "in the middle " so to speak. You did a very nice thing giving comfort and solice to your sister. Most of the time when people betray confidences and make known a "secret," the secret instigator gets hurt when secret statment is revealed. Talking it out is one way to get those anxiety feelings out and you were wise to monitor your blood pressure and use an extra blood pressure pill to help to bring your pressure to a rate nearer to normal.  Now you need to move on.  Don't dwell on the secret being out. Deal with picking up the pieces of your friendships with your sisters and your boyfriend.  My mother used to have a saying.  She used to say:  "This will pass."  At the time of a crises, the"problem" seems overwhelming like it will always be there and never end.  It is good to remember THAT IT WILL END  and it is only a bump in life.. Once it happens, it becomes an incident and the happening is OVER.  Words on e  spoken  cannof be taken back. Remember! THIS WILL PASS AND TIME TO MOVE ON.  Problems always seem smaller in hindsight.

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