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help me get rid of this

Sep 10, 2012 - 1 comments








Close to a week ago i shaved my bikini line an a little close to my vagina opening. Now i have what i think are bumps that hurt an itch when i wipe myself after using the bathroom and i sit down. As well as a slight odor in my vaginal discharge. I am a little nervous i am sexually active. This morning was when i noticed it, i put some ointment on and it started to feel better but when i started to sweat at my activities it started itching and burning and sensitive, i feel really uncomfortable  Help me!!

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by NOHARD, Sep 12, 2012
OK next time you shave your BL, only shave downwards, you only ever shave the way the hair grows, thta way you dont get any problems, the problem is you shaved upwards and your skin then grows over your hair foicals, hair grows and you get itchy bumps, sometimes these can go funny, and not nice to get.
Hope this helps.
Good Luck

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