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Need to fix this...

Sep 12, 2012 - 0 comments

why I'm fat




bad diet


Unhealthy Eating Patterns

So, this is a typical breakfast...terrible.  A cup of coffee is at LEAST 280 calories, if not more and I ONLY had one cup because I accidentally made hazelnut instead of regular AND I am almost out of coffee creamer!!  So, on a NORMAL day, I would probably consume over 500 calories in COFFEE ALONE!  No WONDER I am not hungry until after 2:00!  

Well, I did tell my partner I want to cut out the coffee creamer, so that would get rid of around 200 calories in the morning and tons of carbs and some fat.  Next, I need to work on the half n half.  Maybe I need to skip the coffee altogether?  It's not good for my dizziness anyway.  Ugh...

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