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l&d again

Sep 12, 2012 - 2 comments

1,5cm and 40%. BAby is really low . she was surprised that she could touch his head. Contraction slow down after drinking and lying down so no shot this time. Also they checked my urine and it looks like the infection is starting , no need for antibiotic but they gave me some medication that cleans it up. I should be ok till next tuesday when I got my appointment. Also yesterday I sprained my ankle and after that med it is better so maybe it has pain meds in it
9 more days till I am 37 weeks and it is safe to deliver

Pregnancy - Jakub
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2063110 tn?1398567334
by always_smile, Sep 13, 2012
Sounds like Jakub is going to be here before October, glad you only have 9 days left till the safe zone. That's awful you sprained your ankle though while pregnant, I hope it starts feeling better for you.

463595 tn?1333997222
by colorado_g, Sep 14, 2012
my ankle got 100 % better . the swelling is all gone , no pain . I don't know how it actually happened. 36 ekes today :) 7 more days and i am getting scared how I will handle newborn and toddler at the same time

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