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It's real!

Sep 14, 2012 - 0 comments

Ok so I've had my first ultrasound to check for baby's heart beat this week. It was on my birthday and this is what happened... There's a heartbeat, only one, but there's definately a little person growing inside of me. The size was about right for a 7 week pregnancy and well, that's just great. I'm sick and tired, angry, emotional and the rest... It's a shame the pregnancy symptoms aren't halved when you are not having twins. Ok next milestone for me is 18 weeks where we check all the markers for any problems, and see if I need to have an amnio. That seems like forever away, about 10 weeks, so I'm going to have to focus on anything but the wait. I can look forward to telling my family and friends in about 4 weeks now. So I'll look forward to that.

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