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Feeling great!

Sep 17, 2012 - 0 comments



feeling great



My weekend has been just awesome! I started a fashion blog last week I got up this morning to check my blog activity and couldn't believe my eyes 1000 views in only a few days! I came up with the idea because on my fb page I would share fashion photos from other pages and it was such a hit I figured I would redesign my tumblr page and start designing my own photos. So I took my vision to the next step a created my on fb fashion page. I've gotten a few likes so far but I just launched it last night so i'm not worried it will take off and be a hit just like my other ventures. Only downside I've been so busy creating and promoting that I have slipped a little with my diet but I'm back on track wiht it again. For breakfast I had a nice bowl of multi grain oatmeal. If anyone is interested in checking out my new fb page here's the link  hope to see you there!

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