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fed up

Sep 19, 2012 - 1 comments


Pain all the time,i've had enough!

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by jrchop, Sep 29, 2012
Do NOT give up. This past sunday is the per say celebration since I had a nearly fatal accident. I fell on a steel shaft that tore my inners up. It tore the sciatiac nerve and I was informed I would never walk again. seven scopes and a total knee on the right then a maniulation now has the knee where I can somemtimes tolorate the pain. I have had two major tendonds repaird in the left shoulder and damages it are so great  cannot use my left shoulder most of the time. I promise you it has been a battle I would not wish on any enemy rather a friend. If you hang in there and use biofeedback you find a great difference on how you feel. I pray your condition gets better and you will be able to live a full life and do some of the things you enjoy doing. What I did was change careers which is not an easy thing in the beginning. Biofeed back is relaxation thinking of something postive weaather is something you have done or want to do. But make sure it is POSTIVE. Relaxe on that untill you get your heart rate down and and at that time your pain should ease but not necessarily stop. I pray you the best and God bless jr Eden

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