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Jan 20, 2009 - 2 comments

Well, Where do I begin? You will have to bear with me, I may seem a little all over the place... My thoughts don't come as crisp and flowing as they used too....
I am a little disheartened today... I have been at home for over three months now , after working almost my adult life, and missing it badly. My previous job, I was a cell phone provider... assisting customers with thier bills, giving them new cell phones.. and I was really good at it. Sometimes, I would have people lined up out the front door just to see me, and no one lined up at the other peoples desks, because they wanted to speak with me. I had been there 5 years. I am not bragging, but I had gained a lot of trust with people, because there was such a high turnover rate there, and I made myself be the best I could be.  
I went on medical leave in October, just because things weren't right... I couldn't see the computer screen as well, I was making big mistakes, (costing people a lot of money ) I couldn't think clearly, and my optomotrist found some big problems in my visual field test, colour test, and a drastic change in my glasses perscription, from the glasses I got year ago, that she was really concerned about.

I realized things had changed with my memory... I used to remember peoples phone numbers,(walking rolodex)  names, rate plans, where I put things,noted for being the "data queen" because I was so good at computers, and blackberries, and other data devices.  it was like I had a photographic memory. I trained myself this way, so I could be the best at my job. But, over the last 6 months, I noticed, things weren't coming to me as quickly as they used too. Thought maybe my brain was full... to much information stored, malfunction... stress, tierdness... but I had no major trauma, I had just gotten back together with my husband, a year before that, (we had been seperated for 5 years.) we moved into a beautiful home... I was singing, beautiful children, I had my faith, and a job I loved. things were pretty good.

And my hearing. My hearing had enchanced so much that I found it was overpowering,....
I had been falling for no reason, (always blamed it on the gopher holes in my yard) breaking my ankles, getting fat lips, cause my face would catch my fall, scraped knees, and severe back pain if I sat too long.
Something wasn't right, it was more than stress.
My periphial vision is inexsistant... its like I see through two papertowel rolls. The eye doc says I see about 10% from my central vision.  Now, that makes sense! -- Could explain why I have been tripping so much??? I couldnt see stairs, or gopher holes lol -- or sidewalks.....

So, now here I am with my brain in my hand, wondering ... is this thing on???
Well, just a wee bit o insight on whats been goin on in my world... I will post more later.. I have to give me eyes a rest. ...

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by kathy0308, Jan 20, 2009
You need to get in with your regular doctor and have all these symptoms explored.  You'll, no doubt need some lab work and a thorough physical.  You may also need to be referred to a neurologist of have a brain MRI done.  Lots more information is needed in order to make a diagnosis.   Did your eye doctor talk about glaucoma?  Sounds like a lot more than gopher holes.  It sounds like things are really difficult for you.  All the best.

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by singinalong, Jan 20, 2009
I have seen an opthomologist and neurologist, and had one MRI done... they found abnormalities, but no answers yet. I go for a followup MRI with dye in February. Hopefully that will give more answers.

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