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Day 1

Sep 23, 2012 - 0 comments



Weight Watchers





Starting Day 1 of Weight Watchers with James.  So I don't have to pay for it, he's created a tracker for Excel for me so I can track my points that way.  He's excited to have something else to do with me and told me "the two of us spent a long time apart while we were with the wrong that we've found each other, I want us to have many years together and to be as healthy as it's something else we can do together, please baby don't be hurt".  Well who can be hurt by the comment "I want to have as many years with you as possible"?  So here we go.  I've lost a ton of weight since the divorce started primarily because the anxiety has made me too nauseous to eat most days.  But it's not the healthiest way.  I fully expect to actually put weight on the first few weeks as my body gets used to eating regularly again.  Hopefully my anxiety willl settle down and let me eat.  That's the other reason I strongly suspect James wants me to do this with him.  I think he thinks it'll force me to eat a little more regularly than I have been.

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