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Imitrex injectable/Ativan

Sep 24, 2012 - 1 comments

Getting back in touch with neuro, ativan didnt help with lightheadedness, just made me tired. Also tryingto get a better handle on headaches I call the 7-8-9 headaches. Migraines are a 14! Work is really becoming an issue with the headaches, makes me worry about a discipline process.

Imitrex pen works great but only get two a month. Need something for the in-betweens.

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by Midijane, Sep 24, 2012
I am officially cut loose from the Neuro for lightheadedness, tremors, off balance, etc. She still feels it is all anxiety. The only thing making meanxious is my doctors telling me Im anxious. The only time I feel anxious is when I am behind at work.

She did order Imitrex tabs for the headaches. Big thanks doc!!

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