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Walk MS 2012! WE DID IT!

Sep 24, 2012 - 2 comments

I am soooo proud of team fighting the MonSter!!! Tom (aka tomas2729) and myself walked on Saturday with our families and some close friends. We were recognized at the walk for being the Top Fundraising Rookie Team! I am FOR SURE doing this next year and am going to try to be on the Walk Committee if possible.

I am still floating on clouds with the natural high that helping others gives you. It was so nice to see so many people in my community rally up for MS! The cute kids, adorable tshirts/accessories, and just being able to share a special day with special was fantastic. I still get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

So today, I am grateful for my disease...unlike most days when I want to punch it in the face and tell it to go to "you know where". Or as my grandma always said...."Go where the sun don't shine!" If by having MS I can spread awareness, raise money for research, and help even one person like me in THEIR fight??? Then maybe that is the reason I was diagnosed with this all along. I want to continue to give back, as it seems to really help me with the feelings of anger, bitterness, confusion, and overall emotional angst. And as long as I am able, I will...

Wish I had go-go gadget arms and could reach out and give everyone in this community a huge ol' hug today! You are all special people...and the support in this online community alone is just totally amazing.

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3204881 tn?1345499926
by tomas2729, Sep 24, 2012
Jaime, the kids, and I had a great time hanging out with you and your family at the walk. We will be by your side next year. Even though I am not thrilled that I have MS, I am thankful that I've gained you as my friend because ot it. I hope that you and Jason have good evening together tonight.


198419 tn?1360242356
by sllowe, Sep 25, 2012
Congrats to your team! Top Rookies! Nooot too shabby!
I share your sentiments regarding losses and gains. The gains from forum members here are priceless.
Cheers to a job well done!

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