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First injection of Burselin

Sep 26, 2012 - 1 comments





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first injection

Been bit dubious of injecting Burselin. Not the thought of injecting but of having allergic reaction. Have a few allergies that ussually result in hives, stomach pain, diahorrea, shortness of breath, palpatations, etc etc!! But one allergy made all my muscles seize up and afected my heart so new meds are a bit scary.   Checked the internet for side effects(BIG MISTAKE) . 10 mins after injecting convinced myself was suffering from half of them!!! My head hurt, felt dizzy, big angry Bee sting like hive at injection site, blury eyes ( or was that the extra chilli I put on the pizza)  
    Not to mention oesteoarthritis!! ( another side effect!!Was born with scolliosis( curvature of the spine) so already have arthritis in spine as not diagnosed until late 30s as top and bottom fo spine have formed  a S shape that looks fairly straight. Any how that was 5 hrs ago and I havent had any major effects. So i will now go to bed and sleep soundly( I hope)PHEW !!!

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by stacey10, Sep 26, 2012
all I can say is OUCH  :(  dont know how I'll do all this if I decide to go down this route ... :)

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