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blighted ovum

Sep 27, 2012 - 1 comments

Hi I'm new to this site. Ok I just while like to vent I'm so upset I had a misscarriage june 29 2012 I was very hurt I went to the er because I had light bleeding so just to make sure my baby was ok I went to check so when they did a sono my baby was six weeks and my beta count was 10,400 my baby hurt was beating so I was happy I had a schedule Sonoma around 8 weeks and that's when I found out my baby hurt stop the tech said to me my baby die around 6 weeks. Ok so I lost that baby June 29 2012. Ok so I didn't get my monthly in July 2012. But I got my monthly August 6 2012 some how I got pregnant after my Aug monthly. I had sex so I started bleeding a little after, not to take no chance I hurry up to the er so I been taking beta test every two to three days and had to sono ever since, to sum this up both sono only show a sack no baby in there my beta count sept 19, 2400 sept 21, 2700 sept 24, 3700 sept 26, 4200 ok so you see my beta no  

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by babyakers, Sep 28, 2012
When god is ready for you to have a baby he will let you have a baby you just have to wait for that right time

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