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Crawling out of my skin.....

Jan 21, 2009 - 3 comments










I wanted to smoke in such a bad way last night. I was jumping on my "boys" for wrestling around the house. When this happens the dogs start barking and I can't take it. The house isn't big enough to get away from all the commotion. I just kept eating....URG. I weigh enough as it is. Now is not the time to worry about taking off the twenty pounds. Mark is putting together a trip for our 25th anniversary so last night I started stressing out about putting on a bathing suit. I would think that my focus would be on the occasion. We would like to take the kids along, getting them their own room. This may be the last trip we take them on for some time.

Today my commitment is to stay away from smoking. A coworker told me yestersday that worrying is like taking time away from tomorrow for something that may never come true. I won't worry about smoking today. It is Wednesday. Maybe I will go with my friend to help take care of her mom. They are both hilarious.

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406584 tn?1399591666
by 10356, Jan 21, 2009
You are doing great... My niece also quit smoking she took up running as a form to combat the stress... Maybe a exercise routine or a brisk walk if weather permits.. Congrats on your 25 anniversary coming up :) At my age I would be stressing about the bathing suit if it was to go in my backyard... I think that is normal for most of us... Hope your day is filled with laughter a great stress reducer..

541953 tn?1262589826
by scaredmom330, Jan 21, 2009

you are doing it....yeah. I know you can make are my inspiration...I would be stressing too about wearing a bathing suit, even like 10356 even in my back yard, don't think I wuld let anyone see me but my hubby...congrats on 25 years, that is a big accomplishment!! take care my friend and keep in touch...hope you have a stress free day..

675923 tn?1296241611
by elwoodsf, Jan 21, 2009
Thank you both for your comments. I am laughing out loud right now. I can relate to being nervous about wearing a bathing suit in the backyard LOL. Thanks for the support. I really need it and I appreciate every word. Have a fantastic day.

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