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Official Real Housewives of Orange County Discussion

Jan 21, 2009 - 2 comments

I love these housewives shows.  Not big on much TV, but these I love.  

Last night's catfight was EX-cell-ent! between Vikki, Jeana and Lynne over Gretchen and her beneficiary status with Jeff's life insurance.  I am not sure there are people in the world more beautiful then Gretchen.  

I think the previews for next weeks show was even better than last night's show itself!  I cant wait to see Vikki bust her arse!!!  

I will be starting an Atlanta Housewives journal as well as a NY Housewives journal when those new seasons start.  

I.  Luv.  Them.  

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by peekawho, Jan 21, 2009
Hey!  I'm an Orange County Housewife.

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by grammy64, Jan 21, 2009
R u sure?  Show us your boobs, stat!  

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