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Week 16 Day 6 11.24 am

Jan 22, 2009 - 3 comments

Everytime I read a post about the long term side effects of the Interferon I have to go take a Lorazapam.  Let me learn not to read them!

3 good days in a row - a mini miracle!

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by epiphiny, Jan 21, 2009
Hehe, I hear ya honey.  I've had to stop reading them too.

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by lapis, Jan 21, 2009
Glad you're having good days, hooray!  Yeah, the long term sides ...ugh.

But the one thing I did do, is copy part of Gauf's letter to the doctor, in which he advocates tapering the interferon in the weeks after completing tx.  I'm in a study, so by the time I come to this, I may have to drop out of the study to do the tapering (since it won't exactly be study protocol) but it makes so much sense to quit this powerful drug gradually, instead of all at once.

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by Ricki62, Jan 21, 2009
I'm about where you are on treatment week 17. Yes, I do agree with you about reading all the side effects, long and short term.  The internet is great for information but sometimes it's too much.  It's like if you watch the news every day..there's just too much out there.  Take care of yourself and hope we all get well here.    

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