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Normal-Whats that ???

Jan 22, 2009 - 5 comments

Have custody of son till Monday,so trying to keep it together. Failing but not enough to bother son

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by baby34, Jan 29, 2009
Do you still have your son?

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by Mage1970, Jan 31, 2009
gone back to mummy's Started school on Wed. Good school small drug prob .... We need to exchange addresses !!!!

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by 10356, Jan 31, 2009
I'm shocked somebody left you with your son.. would you even notice if it bothered your son.. you have some serious issues that are not all physical.. Please do not post when you have no idea what you are saying.. Your advice is poison.. I really feel for your son at this moment.. Please seek some help as you are obviously in need of it...

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by lonewolf07, Jan 31, 2009
Maybe this is the son playing with the computer.

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by MJIthewriter, Jan 31, 2009
I just read your When post to see why one of my medhelp friends was upset. I can see why it would would aggrevate people, even though I am not an addict, I hope I have learned to understand to some degree.

I would not take it favorably if someone came on to me and bragged about scoring certain online games I was addicted to... It would get me peeved, considering what I went through...and that I had to hit my own personal bottom to quit.

Why are you here? What are you hoping to accomplish?

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