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Like a dog chasing my tail on quicksand

Sep 29, 2012 - 1 comments

And the balls keep dropping.  Why does money have to be so important?  
Why do people think its ok to guilt trip others?
I can't believe the way my life keeps getting worse and worse!  I have been working hard with some slip ups but trying very hard to make life worth living, trying to distract myself with stuff to do, but really none of its working:(
I'm not strong enough for this, I don't know why people keep saying I am, I don't understand why people say god doesn't give you anymore then you can handle, because I honestly cannot handle all this, AND more as more keeps creeping up or running up on me!  It's so hard not to break down all the time, try to be strong for my kids and family but not feeling strong.

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by G_onna, Sep 30, 2012
For me when people say God doesnt give you more than you can hamdle its becuae your never alone when it get to heavy give it to him and he will kast it as far as the east is to the west. It ok not to feel strong . I hated to cry all my life as a child i was told that crying was to show that your weakness,later on in life my adopted mother would tell me that with when a storm comes it washed the old out and provides renewal for the new to begain just like we need tears to cleans the soul to help prepare for the new

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