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My Dad is looking out for me

Sep 30, 2012 - 3 comments

Actually, I have been feeling pretty good latley. I now that this may sound strange (or maybe not) but I hav a very vivid dream about me and my Dad sitting in our old apartment in Brooklyn we had when I was just about 5 or 6 years old. We were sitting at the card table my Dad had that he an the other firefighters use to play poker on. I used to sneak down from my room and listen to the guys and he would always catch me and say "If you go back to bed I'll let you play one of my hands" Of course this thrilled me and everytime I would win $5.00. Of course I found out when I was older they all let me win.

The next thing I know in the dream is that I am older (my age now) and so is my father and he said to me "See son I know you would get better and get off those terrible drugs" He then gave me a huge hug and I had this feeling of energy coursing through my body and no pain. He then said "I'm proud of you so be happy and take care of your Mother and Ashley, I have to go now" I asked where are you going and he said " I am going back to the firehouse to meet Frank and Andy" With that he was gone. The thing about that Frank and Andy were firefighters I new when I was a kid and they both died fighting a fire. Since that dream I have felt a sense of happiness and joy. Hence the silliness lately.

I told Ashley and she said "See Pop came back to check on you and he wants you to to be happy and pain free"  I feel like he came down from heaven to take some of my pain away and he did.

I love you Dad and R.I.P. knowing I am doing good.

Peace & Love

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by dominosarah, Sep 30, 2012
I bet my dad is sitting at their table Rick.  I can just about hear all the stories!!!  Firefighters are a tight group.

Your dad is proud of you, so am i~~

Now i need to get a kleenex......sara

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by 10356, Sep 30, 2012
I love when we are touched by those we love for they know our hearts and our needs and how best to reach out to us..  and that he was able to convey how Proud he is of you.. I'm Happy for you Rick.. What a wonderful confirmation that they do live on with the Joy that was in their heart.. warmly lesa

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by Dane74, Sep 30, 2012
Rick, wow, i have the chills, thats so special, your pops is so PROUD of you!!!!  And i sure hope that you are proud of you too!!!!!  I am so happy for you, embrace all the "silliness"  

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