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Not doing so well..

Jan 22, 2009 - 0 comments

So.. My entire family came down with a stomach bug for the new year. Its been 26 days since I got sick. I went to the ER the night that I wasnt feeling well. I was throwing up and peeing out of my behind!! YUCK! So.. they ran some tests and relaized that my bloodcounts were low.. My iron levels were rock bottom.

They decided to admit me. Well during this lovely stay they did a CT scan of my pelvis to see if there was anything obstructive. Nothing, but they did find a fibroid and something called Divertuclum!! So I went to see me OB and he is just my angel. A very good friend I can call him. He calls me direct, doesnt charge and listens to me. We had this crazy ulrtrasound done of my uterus and sure enough there is a fribroid. My periods are very very heavy and they hurt. So he and i decided endometrial Ablation is the way to go. He will also try to remove the firbroid while in there.

So... I had my period on Jan 2nd and now its starting to come back today. I guess I am confused as to why. I know fibroids can do this as well as as our meds (Armour) being hyper. Just wanting to vent. Its always something, right?? LOL :)

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