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Day 1

Oct 01, 2012 - 0 comments










well.. here it is, day 1 of my journal. I have in the last week accepted the fact that i am suffering with Anxiety (GAD) which was, in itself a hard thing to accept. I have been a habitual cannabis user since the age of 15 until recently after the birth of my daughter in April i quit, for both financial and health reasons. Since quitting i have started to realise my mind has never had the need to develop a responsible way of dealing with not just the big, but small troubles life brings. now i find myself worrying and not even knowing what i'm worrying about. i don't think the cannabis has caused these problems, more like suppressed any feelings i'd had like these in the past and so i'd never learnt do deal with stress or worry. Whatever it is.. i know I've never been so scared as i am when the panic attacks kick in. Although i am a rational person its hard to rationalize something that's happening in my own head. So here i am.. this is me starting to deal with the problem/s. after scouring the internet and reading through countless forums its clear to me that this isn't something i can deal with in a day but rather over a period of time i hope to learn new behavior to deal with this issue. Thanks

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