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so..this is me

Jan 22, 2009 - 3 comments

just started writing my life story...but deleted it.  I found a lump in my neck in june 2008. Had a FNA and biopsy which proved inconclusive. August 15th, my little brother died , due to a hospital blunder....major blunder. I am still not coping with his death....I am in the depths of despair. September, tested positive for significant hypothyroidism.TSH 49.5....wondered why I kept getting stuff!. Had stomach and back pains quite badly for6 months, scan showed gallstones...are they linked?? Dunno. Still waiting for sestamibi scan to determine a lump found in parathyroid, and diagnosed Hyperparathyroid. In the meanwhile..catching everything that's going around, Colds, proper flu, teeth abscesses apart from all the other **** that goes along with hypo...fatigue...abject depression,hair loss, apathy, lethargy, joint pain, weight gain.................oh...too numerous to mention as you all obviously know!
Sorry to rant...but feeling very low tonight...sorry, again

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by Cootos, Jan 22, 2009
I' m so sorry your feeling this way.... I also found a lump in my neck in November 2008...I ignored it and then I've got another one right now pretty close to the other one and a bit larger....I went to the hospital and to the doctors and was told it was "normal" but I'm still is a lump normal? Especially when the other side of your neck doesn't have those lumps... I dont know they told me to wait and see if they get bigger and then they will send me to a specialist.... anyways enough about me....I hope you feel better soon and i hope all goes well for for your brother...may he rest in peace...


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by debsiwebs, Jan 22, 2009
hello, thanks for your comments. I'm sorry you have some lumps too...but stay optimistic!  I had the first one for 4 months or so, to my knowledge, but 3 weeks after the US and FNA, it faded away, only to be replaced by another on the other side! The radiologist also found a lump farther my parathyroid, meanwhile, the second lump faded away 2 months later...still leaving the parathyroid lump.  So don't worry too much at the moment, it doesn't have to be the worst case scenario. Are you having any other symptoms? Stay in touch... I'm still pretty new to this thyroidy thing...but if I can help...I would love to. This is such a lovely supportive forum...dont worry xx debsxx

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by Craftydeb70, Jan 27, 2009
Hi Debsiwebs, it's crafty deb my computer has been on the blink I can't get back into my medpage so I have made another one,sorry to hear that you are feeling so low I know it's hard to stay possitive when things keep going wrong but try anyway. I can relate to you're sadness I lost my Dad last year to stomach cancer and I to have found it hard at times. I try to stay strong for my mum. I do hope things get better. I will find out tomorrow what is going to happen to my son I'm a bit worried I think he may have to go to another school but I suppose we can only cross that bridge when we come to it. Anyway please keep in touch and keep your chin up. All the best Debbie

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