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My first lab reports

Oct 04, 2012 - 3 comments

30/08/2012    -        HCV RNA   result: 1.9x102    GENOTYPE: 2B

04 Septemeber  2012


The core of the liver tissue shows distorted architecture, with bridging fibrosis though no obvious well-established cirrhosis.  The portal tracts contain lymphoid aggregates. No granulomas are seen. Focally there is suggestion of degenerative change in the bile duct epithelium. The porto-parenchymal interface shows moderate interface hepatitis. There is very mild lobular activity with rare acidophilic body and spotty necrosis. A small number of sinusoidal lymphocytes are present. There is no evidence of steatosis and siderosis.

The features are consistant with chronic hepititis with overall moderate activity and bridging fibrosis. While there are features consistent with chronic hepititis C, other typical features such as steatosis pronounced intralobular activity are not present. Correlation with clinical and serologic findings is necessary.


Liver biopsy

Chronic hepititis moderate activity

Bridging fibrosis( stgae 3,4-grade Batts Ludwig system).

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by willbb, Oct 04, 2012
This biopsy report from the Batts Ludwig scoring on your liver condition shows you have fairly advanced liver damage(fibrosis)  bordering on chirrosis  with  a moderate amount of inflammation(activity ) going on.

There is no evidence of  "fatty liver"

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by Doofus_jones, Oct 04, 2012
Hi Will


I just had my first week of peg interferon and ribavirin. I'm a newby to all this and I'm "accentuating the positive" reading the  "though no obvious well-established cirrhosis" bit...

Why is no "fatty liver" a good thing?

I have geno type 2 so I'm hoping I can clear it.

Best wishes


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by willbb, Oct 04, 2012
If you have to have HCV type 2 is the type to have ..The tx. is approx 80% succesful for type2"s   so you have a great chance to succedd

I don't know if I copied this for you (below ) on the forum and my apologies if I did .It has some good info and stats on geno 2 and treatments of such

having a fatty live for a number of reasons may have a detrimental effect sometimes on success of treatment ,so not having this is a good thing.

Sounds like you have a good attitude Pete,stay positive and good luck with your tx. If I can be of any help feel free to ask anytime...



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